What Are Soul Contracts?

Soul Contracts

A soul contract happens when someone from your former life forms a contract with you. This often works with the Law of Karma and can be a connection that karma has from your past life into your present life.

Karma is something that can be both good and bad and you cannot get away from karma. Many times in your life, you will form soul contracts that have to do with karma and the connections that you have with people.

The thing about karma contracts is that they are for individuals and they are part of a theory that life is a part of nature and that when you are connected to someone that it is an etheric string that connects you.

Even when you die, these connections or cords are not cut and even if you are disconnected to this person for a while, they will come back to you. Just because you die it doesn’t mean that your energies die and that you are not going to have these connections.

The soul will go into a different body and you will see that life is still happening. This is when you will face karma from your past life.

If you were born poor, you might have done something bad in your past life to get that way. Or, you might have a great life and had something good that you did in your past life.

The only thing that you really know is that life has changed over and over, and it depends on the relationships that you have had to what soul contracts you formed.

Karmic Connection

When you wonder how you know if you have a karmic connection with someone, here are some ways:

Drawn to Them

If you find that you are drawn to someone and you aren’t sure why, this could be a soul contract that you have with this person. You will have a real reason that you are drawn to this person and it is probably because of your energies.

We are not sure what our past lives held because we forget the past life and the contracts that we formed. But when you have a strange connection with someone, chances are that you formed a soul contract with them.

When you find yourself always thinking about this person, you will see that you have a contract with them. No matter how hard you try to avoid this person, they will be part of your life.


When you have intuition about someone and you feel that you know them, this is a sign that you have a similar past with them. This can be a connection that you have found in your past life or that you were born into.

When you think of the connection that you have, the stronger they are, the more you want to know them. When your karmic connections are strong, you will have a feeling that you have to force yourself to be apart from this person.

This can mean that you know this person and that you are able to use your intuition to read what they are thinking and feeling.


The universe will bring this connection to fruition. This will happen even when free will is involved. There is no way to avoid this person because they are part of your destiny.

You will realize that you were meant to meet this person and the connection will be strong.

The universe is behind these kinds of connection and when you are connected with an etheric cord, you will see that there are elements that pull you together.

When you have past things in your life that you have to take care of, the universe will make sure that you have this connection so that you can become a better person.

Rather this person was positive or negative in your life, it will be natural for the union to happen and the Law of Karma to take place. This helps there to be control and order in your life.


Having a strong karmic connection will be seen throughout your lifetime. You will notice these connections and you will realize that you have to deal with these things in order to move on and to have a better life.

Allow your intuition to give your insight on your relationships and to help you know if your karmic cords are strong.

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