What Does Your Day of the Week You Were Born Mean?

Week You Were Born Mean

Most people are familiar with some parts of astrology such as birth charts or other things. They know that their birthplace, month and time can determine their personality. If you love astrology and you know about the sun, moon, Venus and rising, you probably have used the chart to help you to feel freer.

Your birth chart can help to reveal things about your personality, and it can also tell you about your destiny. Did you know that the day of the week that you were born can help your things about your life? This works because numerology can help you to see the symbols and the mysticism with the dates and can work to help you find your life path.

Days of the Week in Astrology

The astrological days of the week can help to talk about your personality. It can help you to relate the stars and planets in your life and can help you to understand your celestial body. This can help you with the day you were born and to understand that everything was named after planets or other celestial bodies in the sky.

Monday is named after the moon, Sunday is after the sun, Tuesday after Mars, Wednesday is named after Mercury, Thursday, Jupiter, Friday Venus and Saturday is named after Saturn. You can use astrology and numerology to figure out your personality based on when you were born.


If you were born on Sunday it is associated with the sun. This can mean you are bright and strong and that you are a good leader.

This can mean that you are part of the Leo tribe and you want attention, and you love to have fun and to be praised.


Being born on Monday has to do with Cancers and can have to do with being nurturing and loving others. This is someone that will be sensitive and graceful to others. They will be close to their family.

This is a moon day, and the babies are delicate and loving.


A Tuesday birth is one that can mean that you are strong and that you are full of energy. You might love excitement and you want to have variety in your life. You reach for the starts because you are based after the planet Mars and the sign of the Aries.


This is a Gemini sign and can be the sign of Mercury. This is a person that will have strong conversations and someone that loves to talk and discuss things. This can be someone that loves to have new ideas and will reach their desires.


A Thursday birth is ruled by Jupiter and can have traits of the Sagittarius. This is someone that loves to be fun, is optimistic, passionate, bold and caring. People will be drawn to this personality.


A Friday is the sign of the Taurus and Libra and is ruled by Venus. People born on this day love to talk, are romantic and they see things as beautiful. They are likely to want to have money and to love materials.


Saturday born people are from Saturn and they are part of the Capricorn personality or someone that loves to work hard and likes to be active in what they are doing.

These people love wealth and love being leaders and they are practical and strict.

Deeper Look

When you know your astrological chart, you can find that your personality can be based around the planets or other celestial beings in the sky. The planets have rules when someone is born, and the signs can be strong in your being and can influence who you are.