What is an Indigo Child?

Indigo Child

Being the parent of an indigo child is one that is amazing, and you are dealing with someone that is true. Indigo children bring goodness to the world around them.

If you have an indigo child, encourage them in their psychic giftings and you will see that raising them is a joy and something special.

Indigo children have psychic giftings and different talents than other children have.

What is an Indigo Child?

An indigo child is a child that has a strong psychic giftings. They are more in tuned to the world around them than other children. They are very sensitive to the spiritual world, and they find it interesting right from when they can start to walk and talk.

Indigo children come to the earth by choice because they have a mission to make the world better. They want to show people how to love and they want to make sure that they meet their mission and their goals.

When you can relate to your indigo child and you can understand them, you help them live in a world that makes things better.

Knowing an Indigo Child

You can know if you see an indigo child from an early age. They are different than other children:

Inner Knowing

Indigo children have a strong connection with the spirit world and when you talk to them, you feel like you are talking to an adult. They are good at giving advice and listening.

Talk of Planets

These children will often talk about other planets like they have been there. This is because they remember being in other planets and this is because they have already experienced this in a past life.

Seeing Dead People

Indigo children are able to communicate and see into the spirit world. They will talk to people that have passed on like they have known them forever.

Some call these imaginary friends, but they are spiritual beings.

Different Perspective

These children will get frustrated with things in the world because they know better ways of doing things. They have a lot of knowledge, and they have a higher level of consciousness.


Children that are indigo children often have high emotions and so they get sick easier than other children. They also are children that often have night terrors or bad dreams.

Connection with the Universe

These children will have a strong connection with Mother Nature, and they will love to be outside. They will love to garden and will love to protect the earth.

Supporting and Indigo Child

People that have indigo children need to have an open mind and heart. There are going to be adults and other children that do not understand them or that see them as a problem. This can create a sad environment for your child to have to grow up in.

Instead of ignoring their gifts or trying to hide them, you need to accept them for who they are and love them unconditionally. Try to encourage them in their gift and see them as different than the rest of the world.

Here are some ways that you can help them:

  • Respect their skills.
  • Understand their talents.
  • Do not criticize them.
  • Be open to what they have to tell you.
  • See things from a different perspective.
  • Teach them lessons that you have learned over your lifetime.
  • Give them freedom to choose.
  • Let them develop.
  • Keep them safe.
  • Let them learn on their own terms.
  • Give them tools they need to learn and to grow.
  • Explain to them everything they want to know.
  • If they question you, explain to them the truth.
  • Never manipulate them.
  • Do not use fear to control them.
  • When you mess up or make a mistake, admit it, and apologize to them.