What you won’t hear from a psychic

Many people have heard stories about people visiting psychics and hearing something suspicious. And if it isn’t something suspicious, it’s something about a curse that can only be removed by paying for a charm or amulet or other miracle that can chase the evil away.  That not only sounds fishy, it sounds expensive! There are clues to let you know if something is not what it appears to be.  Here are some things to look out for.

Demonic possession

It sounds completely insane, but there are psychics who warn people that that they are in danger because there is a demon or evil spirit trying to possess their souls. Strangely enough this works because people are terrified about being on the wrong end of a curse.  And when these people are good and scared, the only person who can help them is the psychic who warned them in the first place.  Not only does this make sense to the terrified, they can be lulled into a false sense of security and unwittingly pay out hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars warding off a curse that doesn’t exist.

It  is very rare, but curses do exist. If you do have one  and need it removed a real psychic will be able to give you the best advice on how to do that. 

Your cheating spouse is deadly

Some don’t take readings or psychics seriously because of there inherent vagueness.  Most readings are highly symbolic. (Don’t worry, your advisor will guide you.) The cards will not be very specific.   You might hear that someone you trust is being deceitful, but it won’t say that your best friend is spending time with your partner when they shouldn’t be. Some readings will let you know bad news, but there will be some good.

You’ve got to change your evil ways

Sometimes someone will leave a reading feeling depressed and as if they have doomed themselves through their own bad karma. The reading started out well but then the “psychic” tells them about a mistake they made  years ago and then will connect that to everything they have ever done. A good and reputable psychic won’t blame you and judge you.  A psychic may tell you something that you don’t like, but they will not cast judgement on you.

You’re sick

Some people have been told that they are dying or about to be diagnosed with a terminal disease.

A reputable psychic will not tell you that you are dying and tell you how long you have left on the earth.  The only one who can and should diagnose you is a doctor or medical professional.  And it’s not just you.  A psychic will not be able to tell you that your close relative is dying and that you need to rush to their side.  A real psychic won’t scare you with gloom and doom.

There’s no way out

The real truth of the matter is that we are the masters of our own fate and destiny.  A psychic won’t tell you that you are doomed to live your life on the path that you are already on.  We all have free will and we have control of our own lives. A psychic can give you advice or guidance but they won’t tell you that you are on a path of irreversible fate.  Nothing about your life is carved in stone. Be wary of a psychic who tells you that your are doomed to a life of misery.

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