When Soulmates Get Jealous

When Soulmates Get Jealous

When you are in a relationship, they can be tricky, and you might wonder if your soulmate gets jealous. You probably expect that your soulmate will be exactly like you and will trust you and enjoy you. They would like to spend time with you and be intimate with you.

Conflicts can actually happen with a soulmate though and you can be a living testimony to experiencing these things with your soulmate. When you feel that you are jealous or your partner is being jealous, you might think that this means that you do not have a real soulmate. The truth is a soulmate should always feel that you are part of their life and should trust you, but this does not always happen.

Jealousy can happen in any relationship including the one with soulmates. When you begin to recognize jealousy in your relationship you will learn to overcome it and get your relationship stronger and more powerful.

When you realize that you or your partner feels that they are getting jealous or you think your soulmate is going to leave you with someone else, you might become jealous and insecure. Your partner might begin checking up on you and seem to show a jealous side as well.

Jealousy does not always show itself out loud and can be very quiet. It can lead to arguments and can seem to show up out of nowhere.

Here are some signs that you or your partner might be jealous:

  • When you are not together you are anxious.
  • You want to spy by looking at their phone or Facebook.
  • You feel possessive of them.
  • When you two want to spend all of your free time together.
  • The feeling of worry that your partner will cheat.

Some of these behaviors happen and are small and you just enjoy being together but when you or your partner is jealous, it causes less happiness and more fear.

Being jealous can happen in your relationship and this does not mean you are not soulmates or that your relationship is going to end, it is just a habit that can end up being dangerous if you do not stop it.


Every couple will have a regular routine that they do together. This is how you talk about your relationship and you know if you are good for each other.

When there is a jealousy situation, they will take your comments and your actions, and they will begin to clash. The idea is to learn about this instead of making it a habit.

If you are out with your soulmate and you feel that your guy is looking at a lady for too long, you need to pay attention to how you react. Maybe he will be defensive if you call him out or will react miserably. This is a cycle that you can pay attention to. Once you and your soulmate do this once, it can happen over and over again and make you apart from each other.

When things get worse, you have a hard time understanding why this is happening and you wonder if you are meant to be together.

When you participate in this, it can cause you two to stop being close and you have to be more positive in the way that you respond to things. Pay attention to what makes you jealous and stop griping about it. Learn to be clear while not condoning things they do. Talk about things like flirting and how their actions make you feel. Talk about what is bothering you.

Learn to do something better when you begin to feel jealous and stop repeating the same thing over and over again.

Calm and Clear

There are going to be some situations where jealousy shows up and even soulmates are not immune to these things. You have to identify what is causing you pain and what is causing you to not have trust with this person.

Make sure you are focused and that you are paying attention to what is happening and that you are not betraying your partner.

When you know what makes them jealous or what makes you jealous, do not do it. Ask your partner to agree with the same thing.

Since your soulmate knows you the best, you automatically think they can read your mind, but they cannot always do this, and you need to be able to talk without blaming.

Ask your partner to make an agreement with you and this can cause you to bond closer and to show that you care. Let your partner support you and this can bring you two closer.

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