When You Feel Like Your Life is Twinned Out

Feel Like Your Life is Twinned Out

Having a twin flame is not always easy and sometimes people forget to be honest about this part of having a twin flame. Some people make the twin flame relationship to look like it is all perfect when the truth is, it is far from perfect.

The myths of having a twin flame can cause people to question their journey in life and it can cause them to be confused and wondering. Your twin flame journey is one that will bring you truth and understanding.

Having a romantic relationship can be amazing and meeting your twin flame will be something that is brought from the universe and even though your twin flame journey will have some darkness, you will want to not hide from this relationship or repress the idea of having a twin flame.

Peace and Joy

A twin flame relationship is not all about peace and joy. This is an experience that the universe gives you so that you can grow and so that you can get rid of the negative things in your life that are holding you back from being your higher self.

When you have negative emotions, they cause you to miss out on experiencing things because of fear and other strong emotions. These things cause your vibrations to be low.

You have to learn to let go of the negative feelings in your life and you have to allow yourself to feel your emotions and to raise your vibrations.

If you are fearful of your life or if your emotions are negative, it can cause your twin flame relationship to be repressed and to be on hold. By allowing negative things to come into your life, you can cause yourself to be stuck in your energies and cause your vibrations to get so low that you miss out on meeting your flame faster.

Negative experiences are part of your past life and they can be carried to your present and if you allow yourself to be stuck in negative emotions, it can cause you to be weighed down with life.

Meeting your twin flame is not all about good times and peace, it is a time of growth and a time where you have to become better. You have to let go of the things in your life that you have chosen not to deal with.

Instead of going into a bubble, you have to allow yourself to feel these things and to face your emotions. Allow yourself to release negative things.

Be Honest

You must be honest with yourself and know that your journey is going to be full of hard times. Some of the hardships you will face with your twin flame include:

  • Being with someone that stops responding to you.
  • A person that does not talk to you until later in your life.
  • Someone that will reject you.
  • A person that will abandon and leave you.
  • Someone that will not agree to commit to you.
  • A relationship where they love you one day and the next, they are cold.
  • Someone that has no integrity. Their actions and their words never seem to work together.
  • A relationship where you might have to deal with a past girlfriend or marriage.
  • Not being able to move forward.

All the things that you will have to face that are negative in your twin flame relationship will be hard. It can cause you to have to go through grieving and cause you to have to deal with loss.

It is important that you know that there will be intense moments in a twin flame relationship.


You will go through many changes when you are in your twin flame relationship. The change will be things that you never planned but the transformations that happen inside of you will help you to move forward in your life and to find your peace and happiness.

Life is not a trial-and-error situation, but it is a time where you have to learn to wake up and learn to work through things that are not easy. You have to move from one thing in your life to the next and allow yourself to be closer with the universe and with your own life.

Learn to let the pain come and stop trying to keep it from your life. You have to face this pain so that you can move forward. The behavior that you have with your twin flame will cause you to suffer at times and even though you have to experience it, it can be frustrating.

Allow your frustration to help you move forward. Get rid of your old ways of thinking and create an experience where you work through things in your life. Work through the experiences that you have and allow your life to show you new things.

When you don’t get things done, keep moving forward and trying to find new things.

Breaking Free

Love with your twin flame will someday be unconditional. You may not have these feelings right away, but you have to let this come to you and you have to learn to express yourself differently.

Allow unconditional love to flow through you and allow yourself to forgive others and to let go of judgements.

Abandon the ideas of wanting something else and allow the twin flame relationship to have love and to keep you strong.

Change your old ways and find new ways of thinking and acting. Even if your twin flame is behaving badly, allow this behavior to help you to grow and keep moving forward.

Stand up for who you are and allow yourself to reach your goals and to travel through your journey in life. Do not let fear of losing your twin flame get in your way. Do not stay away from the truth but embrace the truth and allow yourself to connect with your twin.

Become who the universe wants you to be and do not let things hold you back.

Symptoms of Feeling Too Much Twin Time

If you feel that you are tired of dealing with your twin flame, do not let your despair overtake you. If you feel that you no longer care for them, stop thinking about them and allow yourself to grow.

You will never get rid of your twin flame but there will be a time where you feel like you need to separate from them and when you go through this, allow yourself to experience life and allow yourself to express what you are feeling.

There might be a time where you go through a toxic relationship and this is part of your journey so that you can find peace and love.

When you have a hard time, this is a good sign, and this can mean that you are coming to a point where your union will allow you to move on in life.

This can mean that you are tired of your journey and you are confused about what you want. The truth is when you face negative times with your twin, you are experiencing a thing that has to happen before you can have this union.

Here are some things you might experience:

Being Obsessed

If you find you are obsessed and cannot stop thinking of your twin, this is a time where you have to heal. You need to learn how to meet your own needs and how to be happy alone.

Losing Interest

If you lose interest in, you twin flame it can mean that you no longer focus on them, but you are focusing on yourself more. This is a good stage in life.

Dropping Labels

Once you stop labeling your relationships, it can mean that you are opening up more to your connection and that you are not losing your interest, but it is growing.

Who They Are?

You will see at this point who your twin flame is. You will know that they are a part of your life and they are part of your universe.

Knowing that things will never be perfect is just part of your phy8iscal journey. It means you can learn to accept them for who they are and not what you want them to be.

Focusing on the Union

You will get to a point where you are no longer obsessed with the union and you are more concerned about what is going on in your life and finding happiness.

Learn to find happiness in yourself and let your problems disappear.


This can be a time where you feel disconnected from the energy of your twin flame. It can mean that you are able to focus on yourself and can be a point where you get yourself stronger and know who you are.


Things will not happen in your time and you have to wait for the universe to bring your twin flame to you. Part of the journey is learning to wait and learning to go in the right direction in life.

Do not lose faith in your journey but know that even through hard times, the universe is with you and it is helping you to reach your heart’s desires. You will understand that delays happen so that your life can be ready when the time comes.


This will be a time where you find out who you really are. You will know that you have worth and you will stop thinking that you are unworthy of love.

You will learn to stop being codependent on people and you will learn to be independent and your authentic self. Your twin flame connection will be strong, and you cannot fake it. When it comes, the ego will be released, and you will be able to give yourself more power.

You are going to be able to fulfill your life without being afraid of things and you will no longer feel the need to please others.

Messing it Up

You will find out that you cannot mess up your twin flame relationship. Nothing that you can do will cause your twin flame to go away. Even if you have negative feelings, your twin flame will still be there after you work it all out.

Let go of the negativity that you have, and you will see that your twin flame relationship will get stronger and that you will have a connection that you cannot explain.

Your twin flame will communicate with you in your dreams and in other ways and they will be part of your heart. As you ground yourself and as you find out who you are, your journey will bring your twin flame closer to you.

Remember that you have a desire, and you will reach the desire of your heart. Be thankful for what you have and what you are going through so that you can see how valuable your relationship will be.

Clean up all of the things in your life that are holding you back and allow your inner wounds to heal. The journey that you are on will bring you to a place where you imagined yourself happy and full of peace.

You will reach your higher self and you will find that you are not alone. You will have a deep connection with your twin flame and the universe will take away your doubts and will help you to know who you are.

Allow the universe to guide you through your journey and send light and love in your life so that you can be protected and guided in all of your ups and downs in life.