Why Do You Wake Up at 3 AM?

You Wake Up at 3 AM

We have all been restless at night and no matter how sleepy or how late it is, you have a hard time sleeping. You might even be someone that wakes up almost each night between 3 and 4 AM. There is a reason that you wake up at this hour and it has to do with your spiritual self.

If you are someone that is familiar with waking up at this time, you will see that the universe has shown you that you have a path and a journey that is important. This can be a time where you reach your enlightening and where you see that your life is changing and that you are realizing who you are.

There are times in our life where you have opportunities to choose a path that can take you further than ever. When your soul is awake and your body is sleeping, this can be considered a spiritual call.

People that have never considered the 3 AM wakeup as something more than a physical thing often will have messages that they have been searching for in life.

Sleeping can cause you to open up to your awakening which can lead you to a spiritual change. If you are not sure about why you have a 3AM wake up call, here are some reasons:

3 AM Wake Up Calls

  • You wake up and you want to know answers to deep questions you have been asking. You are being invited to get answers at this time.
  • You look for meaning and your soul is curious, and you take time to ask questions and to find the meaning of things around you. Your heart is what allows your soul to live and to become lighter. You have dreams and you are able to discuss them and understand them.
  • The hour of 3AM is an hour of stillness and this is a time where you wake up to work on your spiritual path. This can help you to have more energy because you have stored the energy all day. These calls can be part of your life and are wonderful times where you can be in the stillness and hear what your soul is saying to you.
  • The soul is calling out to you because you are an energetic and light being. You can make a physical change and your soul is active. You learn to look around you and to realize what your heart is telling you while you develop in your soul. When you wake up at this hour and you take a time to break, you make a choice to listen to the messages of the universe.
  • Lucid dreaming can take place during this time and is part of astral traveling. This can be an outer body experience that comes naturally to you. When this happens, you need to write down whatever comes to you. When you wake up and realize you are dreaming, you can learn to choose what direction you take in your life.
  • Out of body experiences can increase your Kundalini and can help you to be in control of your own experiences. This is a version of who you are and allows you to be safe and to travel through your dreams. This experience can cause you to have strong lungs and a strong heart and to be able to stay in your conscious state.
  • When you wake up, you should always write down what happened to you and what you learned. Write for a few minutes about what you felt and why it was important to you.
  • Take time at this time to meditate and to keep yourself full of what you want and full of cosmic energies. Meditate for at least 30 minutes when you get woken up.
  • Always take time the next day to ground yourself. You can use crystals or other methods but doing this can keep your physical body strong and safe.
  • Listen to your spiritual messages and never ignore the guidance that you got at this time. You might even see that signs come to you at a fast pace and that you see things such as repeating numbers or other signs. This will help you to reach your higher self-faster.

Enhancing Your Spirit Life

If you want to enhance your spiritual journey, you need to pay attention when you have 3 AM wake up calls. Let your soul wake up and choose the path that allows you to know who you are and what you want in your life.

Trust yourself and trust your guides to lead you through your spiritual awakening. Know that your journey can start around 3AM and last a lifetime for you.

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