3 Soul Contracts You Were Born With

Soul Contracts

Learning the soul contracts you agreed to prior to birth, will give you clarity on your life’s purpose.  Read on to discover three common soul contracts and how to navigate them.

  1. You agreed to this moment: In spirit form, connect to the Universal consciousness, you knew the Divine’s plan and the interconnected of all.  You choose to pass down from the higher realms, through the veils of forgetfulness and illusions to enter humanity at this very time.

You know prior to birth you would become separate from this Divine knowledge, and face challenges, obstacles, and strife to face during your life, but knew it would allow your spirit to grow in untold ways.  Thankfully, you can still remember and tap into the vast power of humanity, by connecting to the Divine and higher states of being in your physical vessel.  You just have to build up your chakra points to recognize subtle perception shifts.  This is why certain spiritual masters enter life with an ability to retain greater ties with Divine wisdom due to developing it during a previous lifetime. Your time is NOW!

  1. You agreed to this life purpose: As a soul, you saw the overarching opportunities and blessing in this lifetime.  You recognize how your family dynamics would shape you and provide you with both gifts and hurdles to develop your spirit.  Perhaps you signed this contract to work off past karma, shed past blockages, and grow as a soul, but you agreed to key missions, acts, and service to humanity to raise the collective consciousness of all.  You chose this purpose because of the improvement you could make for the greater good.

You worked with the Divine out of a place of profound love for this massive mission and even the huge challenges of triggering your wake-up call to ignite a sense of discontent with the status quo.  You are here now to shake things up and chart a new course forward for your benefit and all life.  As you spiritual wake, you remember your soul purpose and how to best align with the path of your highest self’s timeline.  This will cause your life to be more vibrant and experience more intense growth, joy, and fulfillment. Now is the best time to claim your birthright.

  1. You agreed to share shaping your life experience: You are the co-creator of your life journey on multiple levels.
  • With the Divine you co-create the events of your life not consciously brought about your physical self. These are often the obstacles and trauma that test our physical being that has us asking “God, why me?!”  You actually agreed to these hardships because of the lessons would have on your spiritual growth.  In this life, you have the power to choose your response to these challenges.  Based on your reactions you will alter the energetic vibrations to harmonize most with the highest divine options for your life.  Meeting the moment with frustration or negativity may slow your soul’s growth, but if you meet it with love you may expect to see a blessing or miracle around the horizon that will speed it up.
  • With your angels and spirit guides you all formed and agreement knowing you will have help and allies from above that won’t let you fail. Seize this moment to reopen that link to above to channel the guidance to co-create the best ways to using your intuition to best serve your life’s purpose and journey.
  • Through co-creating with soul agreements and bonds you agree to the beings that will come in and out of your life. Although you are born alone, die alone, and ascend alone, think of actual life as a team sport. You need partnerships to succeed and together you all agreed, prior to birth, to support each other.  Soul mates, soul groups, and soul families often incarnate with each other in multiple lifetimes to have different occasions to evolve both individually and as a group.  During your life you all will have the individual chances to choose your response to unfolding events so you could choose your adventure.  These choices will occur based on the level of your vibrational field which fluctuates depending on your thinking, actions, and feelings.

Use meditation to back your spirit back into alignment and foster harmony with your co-creators.  It is through meditation you remember the truth of who you are by uniting the different facets of your soul’s mission and reasons for choice this exact incarnation, and helping you remember your power to mindfully co-create the optimal life for abundant growth and fulfillment as well as wonderous experiences.