How to Keep Your Romance Alive

Romance Alive

If you are in a long-term relationship, you know that it can be hard to stay romantic with your partner and to keep the spark alive.

There are different things that you can do to make sure that you keep this kind of relationship strong and fresh and even if you cannot do date nights, you can figure out how to have love from away.

Some people will want to go out on dates together as a couple and if you are with someone that you can do that with, there are great things that you can do to even make this exciting:

New Restaurants

One fun thing to do is to try out new restaurants. This might seem like a small thing but trying something new can be a great date night.

Make a reservation to somewhere you have never been and then let the night play out.

Out of Town

Go out of town for the night or even just for the day. Find somewhere that you can take your partner that you can spend time together doing new things that are fun.

Taking a break together can build your bond and help you to keep the spark alive.

Happy Hour

Meet your partner out for happy hour. Do this after the kids go to bed and you have a babysitter. Go out and find your partner and get a drink together. This is something thoughtful that will make your partner feel special.


Give your partner a gift. This is especially great if your partner’s love language is gift giving or gift getting. Sometimes we forget to do small things and giving a small gift of appreciation can help your partner to know how special they are to you.


Have sex with your partner. Do something new in the bed or pick a special place that you want to have sex at.  Do not neglect the intimacy in the relationship and make sure that you keep it to the top of your list.


You can go on a vacation or you can even choose an overnight vacation. Pick somewhere that you and your partner can have some alone time together. You can go to a new city or try somewhere local, just focus on each other.

Date Night In

Pick a date night in after work and after the kids go to bed. Find something to do that you both love and that you can do together.


Take the night to spend cooking together and trying a new recipe. This can be exciting and delicious and something that you both remember forever.

Love Notes

Leave love notes for each other, especially if you are both working and always busy. Leave them in special places such as on the mirror or in the lunch box.

Leave one on your partners nightstand and let them know you are thinking about them.

Early Mornings

If you are on different schedules, take some early morning time to spend with your partner. You can cook breakfast or have sex before you go to work. Make an opportunity to be with your partner and do not neglect being together to feel more connected.