Learn to Love Yourself

Learn to Love Yourself

When you really love yourself, it will help you to be able to live your life even when things are hard.  When you are struggling to appreciate yourself, you need to put together a list of things you can do in order to help you have self-love.

If you find yourself being disappointed and wonder what is wrong with you, when you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes, chances are you only allow yourself to love yourself when you become who you want to be.  You feel that you have to be successful in order to be a good person.

People need to love themselves as they love others, but people have only learned to love others and never take into consideration their love for themselves.  This means you really, deep inside might already love yourself and jut not know it.


Loving yourself is not trying to be better than others and it is not being selfish or vain.  This kind of love allows us to reach goals and to feel important to who we are.


You have to learn to accept yourself and allow yourself to go through things and accept that things happen.  When you are always trying to push away bad things, you are not giving yourself the respect that you deserve.  You will not find yourself valuable or deserving of happiness.

No matter what happens and how neglectful you are in things, always be true to yourself.

Best Love

Loving yourself brings about confidence and care.  This is when you accept who you are and allow others to care about you.  You support yourself, keep yourself healthy and learn to grow.  Self-love is a necessity to having peace in your life.

Importance of Love

You may not think that loving yourself means anything, but the truth is that you cannot take care of other people if you cannot love who you are.  You will not be able to be compassionate or to have joy.  You have to love yourself or you will be unstable in your thoughts.  No one will treat you as good if you don’t care about who you are.

You will learn to have self-confidence and be able to face challenges when you love who you are.  You will see less anxiety and stress and you won’t have to be perfect.  You will be able to face what life sends you.

How to Love Yourself

There are different ways that you can practice loving yourself.  It starts with you and you will forever be who you are and so you need to love yourself for who you are.

You must care about yourself because no one is more interested in your health and happiness than you are.  No one really knows what makes you happy and what causes you pain more than you do.  The truth is that there are not better options than taking care of yourself and no one can handle your spiritual growth like you can.

Seek the love inside of yourself and learn to be happy.  Learn to look at yourself and see where your love is and what kind of reflection you have of yourself.

Here are some techniques to increase the way you see yourself.

Gut Feeling

Listen to your gut and allow yourself to be kind in your mind.  Talk to yourself positively and listen to how your gut makes you feel.


Clear your mind and know what values you have.  Be motivated to do the right thing and to live a good life.

Take Time

Take time for yourself to eat right, work out and have fun.  Make sure that you are taking care of your energy and you can do this by having self-esteem.  Being good at what you do will help to increase your endorphins and will make you be the best you can be.


When you are with people or in relationships, always set boundaries.  This will help you to have the right things happening in your life and will give you self-love.


Have faith and believe in something.  When you believe in something, it helps put you on a journey to trust who you are and to figure out what your passions are.  If you are very emotional, meditate to enhance yourself and your intuition.


There are different meditation techniques that you can follow, and this can help to bring you peace and focus.

Why Mediate?

Meditation will help you to focus on happiness and to be calm in your life.  Get rid of all of the negative things in your life and replace it with positiveness.

Meditating Ideas

Close your eyes and deep breathe.  Allow yourself to think about your heart and to concentrate on loving yourself.  Put yourself in a situation here you only speak good things about yourself.

Control your mind and your heart and think about how much you have that is good inside of you.  Know your value and that you are unique.  When you are living, you make everything better.

Open your eyes and smile and know that you are accepted and love yourself.


Self-love requires affirmations.  The best thing you can do is speak positively about yourself and say things out loud such as:

  • I am good.
  • I am worthy.
  • I can beat challenges.
  • My life is full of respect.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I meet what I set out to do.
  • I have good energy.
  • I love who I am.
  • I am confident.
  • I have strength.
  • I am honored.
  • I am respected.
  • I am enough.


Do not doubt yourself and know that you are talented and strong.  Doubt will bring you feelings of inadequacy and can come from childhood or traumatic experiences.  Know that you are enough and that you will change each life that you come in contact with.

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