Positive Energy

Positive Energy

Working on yourself and learning more about your spiritual life can help you to have a positive energy.  But, if your partner doesn’t want to follow you on the journey, your relationship can become negative and can cause pain in your life.

When you have a partner that resists change, there are things that you can do to be happier and to be stronger with your partner than you ever were before.


Take time to work on your relationship and you can do this by knowing that you play a part in things.  You are sometimes to blame when things are triggered and when negative reactions happen.

Learn to create a good energy and have an attitude to be better.  Work on things that need changed, even in yourself.  Do not allow the resistance to hurt you or to upset you.  Accept that you are in the first step and let the universe help you through the struggle.

Just Wait

Everything that happens does not have to have an immediate answer.  Sometimes the best answer is to be understanding.  When negative things begin to happen, don’t try to control it, just leave the room and do something together that makes you both happy.

Let the answers come on their own.  If you are relaxing and not pushing things, then things will come, and the heart will let you know when things are ready.

Give Yourself Credit

Being in a relationship is not always easy and it is a journey that many of us have to take.  We have to love ourselves and the partner that we have chosen.

We must take all of our emotions and use them for good.  We need to remember the good times and the bad times.  You have done this and been there time after time or you would not still be a partner or be together.

Have faith that you will be good and remember how much faith you had in the past.  Remember the good things that have come out of the relationship and allow yourself to move forward with your partner in happiness.  If they are in a bad place, allow the power in your relationship to fix it.


Instead of having negative energies, act and make the energies positive.  Do something that you like to do together such as play a board game or go for a dance.  Have sex and eat foods that you both love.  Go for a swim or take a walk down the street hugging each other.

Let positive energies take over in your life and learn to have fun doing whatever makes you both happy.

Don’t expect that your lover will do things for you that you want to do for them and be okay with that.  Relax and let the energies guide you and let them know where to take you. You don’t always have to be the one in control.

Take the backseat sometimes and let the universe help you.  It knows what you need.  The only thing that you have to do is make things positive and have positive and loving thoughts.  When you do this, your heart will be happy, and things can move forward for the good.

When you find yourself in a place of negative feeling, take the time to work through things and learn to attract positive energy that can change you and your partners life.

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