Releasing Ties from Ancestors

Releasing Ties from Ancestors

Family karma means that the blood of your ancestors has passed down to you.  If your family was spiritual, it means that you will possible be spiritual or that you will experience blockages that cause you not to be able to be spiritual like you expected.  You will carry a burden from your family, and you will carry this until you die or release it.  This energy will keep passing down through verbal talking or through physical means.

This type of karma can affect how you talk to your family and how you love them.  If you feel that you are sensitive and you are born from parents that were spiritually blocked, chances are you are carrying twice this with you.  Many people don’t get along with their parents and this has to do with the energies that you have and the bond that you made growing up.

You have experienced life before now and you know that your family has different energies that tie them to the universe.  Depending on the past, you may have chosen to take on the blockages of the karma.

We believe in our subconscious mind and we tell ourselves that things are neither good nor bad but that they jut are.  People want to experience life in different ways, and some chose to be killers while others want to be lovers.  People will have their nature and will work until they are able to learn a lesson.  Everything in life has to have a balance and you need to find it in this life.

Family things get passed on from their ancestors and they eventually end up on you.  If your family was kind and caring, chances are you will have good karma and you will find love.  If they were terrible people, you might not be able to find love and you might have strong emotions or hate.

When you were a child, you were given part of your parent’s DNA and you are different because of this.

Traits of Ancestral Karma

  • You are spiritually developed, more than others in your family.
  • You are different than the people in your family.
  • You share your own beliefs.
  • You fall ill and feel like you carry all the problems on your shoulders.
  • You see that your parents are different, and you acknowledge this.

Cutting Karmic Ties

People do not understand when you say things are different.  They don’t understand what a parent passing down energy means, and they do not release the emotions from their own feelings but they will be able to look inside and see what is going on.  They don’t base things on fear.

Once you know about this and you can forgive them and let them go, you will be able to be responsible for your flaws.  You will be able to live your own life.

You will say no to the fears that they send to you and you will learn to complete your soul mission.  Once you know that you are innocent and can forgive them, love them and move on.  Let your heart feel peace and know that they did what they could to raise you.

You are a victim of your parent’s karma and this is usually based on their ego.  You will get through this and it will just be a temporary thing in your life.  Once you realize that you are your own person, you can work through these things and realize that you had no choice as a child but to take what your parents gave you.

Family Ties

You have to look deep inside if you want to change things about your family.  Sometimes you will have problems that keep coming back and this can be because of behavioral patterns that you have lived by.  You have to make a choice to be better and to have your own energy.

You have power, take over your life and believe in who you are.