Making Your Own Luck

Making Your Own Luck

Does it ever come across your thought that some people have much more luck in their relationships than you do?  Do you feel that girls meet the perfect guy the first time that they are online?  Or, if an old boyfriend shows up, does it feel like they have the perfect relationship even though it was wrong before?

While all this is going on, do you feel that you are sitting home alone always meeting the wrong person?

It is true that some people have more luck with relationships than other people but when a relationship works out, this is much more than luck.  Love has to be a part of chance.  Here are some tips to help love become more of a positive thing for you.

Change it Up

Do you do the same thing over and over again?  Do you see that you are not being successful?  Chances are that you just need to change up your game and try a different routine.  Go to different places so you can meet different people.  Go to a park or to the movies.  See if you can meet new guys.

Find some new and fun ideas that you can do.  Join a gym or take a trip.  Maybe you will have the perfect encounter.

Know it Will Work Out

Know that you are going to find the right one.  Feel it in your heart and wait to meet the perfect guy.  Never stop believing and know it will work out.  Beat out the odds of being single and meet someone perfect for you.

Never let your feelings of love change and never give up on love.  Know that a time will come when you will meet your perfect person.

Up the Scene

Instead of staying inside of your home and working on your dating profile, go online and post funny things.  Post on social media things that will get a reaction and will let people know that you are fun.  See what kind of likes you get.  Maybe one of those will be your person.

Once they like your stuff, pay attention to them and see if they want to go out.  Sometimes, you can meet the best people by just being positive.

Get in the habit of meeting new people wherever you go.  Be friendly and let people see that you are amazing.

Love Yourself

When you go into a room, know how awesome you are and show it off.  Don’t go in feeling negative or in a bad mood.  Let your body language show who you are and let it shine.

If you live a passionate life, show it off and see the eyes all go on you.

Don’t Wait for Chance

When you meet someone that is interested in you and you share the same feelings, don’t let it go.  Don’t be confused by someone talking to you or an encounter that you didn’t expect to happen.  Don’t take it as just being chance but take it as a meeting from the universe.

Show your humor, laugh and have fun.  Don’t focus on the wrong things that have happened in your life, look for your perfect person to be around you, wherever you are.

Hang in there and just be patient.  Let the person come to where you are and you will find the person that you want to spend time with.

Go for It

Allow yourself to let go and give people a chance.  Don’t worry about a blind date going bad, have fun anyways.  Don’t ignore someone just because they aren’t your type.  You will never meet someone if you don’t take a risk.

Give new people a chance.  Don’t immediately decide not to be around someone just because they don’t have the same ideas as you or because they drive something you think is dorky.  Get to know them before you decide if they aren’t your one.  What if they are perfect for you?

Take chances and this can increase your luck.

Be Strong

If you have went on dates and find that the guys are gross and that they are looking at you like you are meat, don’t let the bad dates throw you off.  Don’t dwell on dates that have not worked out, instead, allow yourself to meet people that will treat you well.

If someone is the right person for you, your gut will tell you.

Let Negative Things Go

It may be hard, but the most important thing about finding love is letting go of past hurt and opening up yourself to new things.  If you push people away because you are afraid of being hurt again, you will never meet the right person for you.


Stop waiting for luck to find you and pair you with the perfect person and take a step into finding your own love.  Think about your life and how many people you have met this year.  If you haven’t met very many people, don’t depend that you will meet the perfect person.

Step out and let the possibilities go wild.  Stop searching for the perfect love and start doing things that will take you places that love will find you.  Believe in your strength and your goodness and love will find you.  The perfect person is there for you, be patient.

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